Raynor Flitestar garage door opener

by Helen
(Bristol, PA)

I have a Raynor Flitestar garage door opening system and have been experiencing difficulty getting the door to come completely down(even after changing the battery).

Usually between the hours of 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., the door comes down only partially (to various degrees), then goes back up. This happens even if I keep my fingers on the control.

It will come down to various degrees, go back up and continue like this several times before finally coming all the way down.

Since it only happens when the sun is hitting the front of the garage, could it be caused by the sun's rays hitting the sensor? And, if so, what can be done to stop it? HELP, PLEASE!!

If it is the sunshine striking the sensors, place a cardboard tube (Bath tissue tube usually works) over the sensor getting direct sunlight.

You don't say which control you are using. The door should close completely if you press and hold the wall control button until the door is fully closed.

If not, the door is meeting some kind of obstruction or binding. Check this by disconnecting your opener (pull the emergency release lever) and open and close the door manually to make sure it works smoothly.

If the door does close completely using the wall control, go back to my FAQ page and look at the first few paragraphs to find "garage door opens but won't close".

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