Remodeling Your Garage
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Garage remodeling is the easiest way to add more space to your house. What do you want to add to your home? A family room, game room, office or workshop are the most commonly requested.

Garage Remodeling, utilizing an existing garage, is a great way to add on to your home. Simply convert your attached garage to living space! The wall structure is already in place, and with some easy modifications and the addition of more walls, doors, and windows, as needed, you can take advantage of space you already have to accommodate your growing family.

Garage remodeling planning can be simple and straight forward or it can be a bit more complex, involving additions to the existing space, finishing the interior space almost like an extension of your home’s living space, or just a matter of organizing and maximizing the use of the space you have now.

If you’re looking to expand the size of your home or add on to your living space, remodeling garage to a room may be the best and most logical way to do it.

Remodeling Your Garage Into a Family Room is probably one of easiest large home remodeling projects you can tackle. The solid structure is already there, you probably don't need to move any existing walls or doors, and a family room is usually a large square or rectangular shaped room-much like your garage already is.

Remodeling your garage into an apartment can be a great option if you really don't need the garage space, one of your kids is now a young adult and needs an affordable "place of his own" that is also close to home, or you just want to rent it out to bring in some additional income.

A garage can be a great extra space in your house, but for most people it is wasted. Here are a few garage remodeling ideas that can take your garage from cluttered storage unit to the most useful room in the house.

There are lots of articles out there about remodeling your garage but little about garage renovations. These articles, however, usually focus on converting your garage into additional living space. Not many really focus on what might be termed "renovating" your garage-which might be more aptly referred to as refurbishing, fixing up, or modernizing a garage.
Garage Renovations - Modernizing Your Garage

Garage remodeling books will help inspire ideas for your project. Which garage remodeling project are you considering? Your options may be a conversion to home office, studio space, or workshop. Other garage renovation ideas include laundry room, mud room, and music studio.

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