Remotes Not Working

by Wayne
(Waterloo, Iowa u.s.)

Electrical storm last night, now opener only works with remote, if I'm in open garage, if shut big door, have to get right next to door for opener to work.

Always worked 40-50 ft before. Changed batteries in remote-no difference.

Do I have to change openers?????/. Wall unit works normally.

You would only want to replace your garage door opener if yours is very old and would need replacing fairly soon anyway.

Since your problem is related to distance rather than a lack of response from the door opener, It is most likely a problem with the remote or the antenna wire.

Do you only have the one remote? Have you tried another remote to make sure it is not the remote wearing out?

Check the antenna wire on the back of the motor assembly to make sure it is fully extended downward.

While unlikely, for reasons stated above, an electrical storm could cause a surge which could damage relays and/or sensors. You would need to have that checked out. Get pricing to decide whether you will want to repair or replace.

Get a surge protector to help prevent re-occurrence.

Hope this helps,

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