Retractable Garage Screens

Retractable garage screens can open up a whole new living space in your garage. They fit over your existing door opening, and will allow air to come in without allowing bugs and harmful UV rays inside. They can be a great way to entertain guests, whether you are having a barbeque, birthday party or some other get together.

In the evening, when the sun is down, having a screen can allow you to have a cool breeze and enjoy spending time in the garage while the rest of the house is cooling off. When you are all done, you simply retract the screen, and close the door, without having to take the screen itself down every time.

roll-up garage screen door

You can find retractable garage screens from many different websites. They come in a variety of different colors, and you can even find some companies that will silk screen them so you can make your own designs.

There are some things that you should know when looking for a screen. One is you should measure the space that you need covered. This will ensure that the screen is the right size for your needs.

Then you really need to look around carefully online. There are many different brands of screens, each with different features, and styles.

There are some basic things you want to look for in a retractable garage screen. One is that they are made from sturdy nylon or some similar material, and that these materials have been treated with a UV protective coating. While the option for tinting is up to you, they should also provide the same kind of UV protection from getting through to you.

Your garage screen should also have some kind of weighted bottom, so it won't blow around in the breeze, and firmly attach on the sides with a mounting bracket or some kind of zipper. The frame should be made from aluminum or stainless steel, and any aluminum should be coated to prevent wear. The spring or motor retraction should be easy to operate, and seal against the elements.

You should always look for a warranty on any products you buy, including retractable garage screens. Most manufacturers offer a one year warranty on the screen itself, some come with a lifetime warranty on the mounting brackets and retraction systems.

You really need to look around though, because each company has their own warranty policies. Any kit should come complete with all the parts, hardware, as well as complete, easy to understand instructions. Any special tools that are needed, like hex wrenches, should be included with the kit.

There are product review sites online for your convenience. These sites compare features, and prices over several different manufacturers. They also have comments by real customers who purchased the product and are using them now. And some websites sell discount retractable garage screens. They may have purchased over stock, or discontinued models, and these are a great way to save some money.

Some companies even offer discounts on shipping, depending on how much money you spend. Since these kits are heavy to ship, having discounted or free shipping can save you even more.

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