Why Choose
Reznor Garage Heaters?

When you choose to use Reznor garage heaters you have chosen a good and dependable garage heater that will last you for many years to come.

When the low cold temperatures of winter move in to stay for the season, most people turn on their heaters to stay warm. This is true of those who enjoy working in their garage or even keeping their garage warm to avoid any performance problems with their vehicles.

When it is cold outside, you want it to be warm inside. Having a good, dependable garage heater is essential when you want to stay warm while working in your garage as well as keeping your car safe and warm. Reznor is a brand name you can trust, they have been in business for several decades.

Reznor Garage Heaters

For instance, when you choose to use the model V3 a UDAP gas-fired heating unit, it, like many of the others, is safety approved for residential applications. You can choose from a 30,000 to 125,000 BTUH unit for your garage.

All model UDAP heater units come with a design of 82% to 83% thermal efficiency. They are approved for installation in both Canada and the United States. However, there are commercial and industrial sizes (up to 400,000 BTUH) of these heating units for heating bigger areas.

Reznor garage heaters have a great new appearance. They feature a glossy white finish on the cabinet, mitered corners and the hardware is not as visible as before. The best thing about this new design is that each model can be installed overhead or to the ceiling. This offers you a great means of saving space in your garage. When you install these heaters in an overhead area you will not lose any of your precious garage floor space.

Their new designs feature a low voltage terminal strip on the exterior of the cabinet, which offers ease in connecting the control wiring without having to remove any panels to do so. There is also a fan relay incorporated into the circuit board. On the exterior of the unit, a factory installed gas line nipple allows ease in your natural gas service connection.

Reznor garage heaters also have other interesting features such as:

  • Low noise operation, since the fan and venter motors are isolated
  • Multi-try direct spark ignition with a one hundred percent lockout
  • 115/1/60 supply voltage
  • External terminal strip for 24-volt wiring
  • 115 volt open fan motor that features an internal overload protection
  • Integrated circuit board that features diagnostic indicator lights
  • 82% to 83% thermal efficient
  • 50 to 60 degree Fahrenheit rise range
  • A propane or natural gas valve that is field adjustable for operation at elevations up to 9,000 feet
  • External gas connection
  • Full fan guard
  • Mitered corners
  • T-Core2 designs

As you can see, whether you want to work in your garage while it is cold during the winter, or you simply want to avoid having any vehicle problems due to the vehicle being exposed to such cold temperatures, using and operating your own Reznor garage heaters will definitely keep you warm during the harsh cold degrees of wintertime.

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