Rubber Garage Flooring

Rubber garage flooring can dramatically reduce foot and back fatigue; save wear-and-tear on floor. Save your feet, legs and back at work or home--anywhere you stand or walk repeatedly.

'Comfort Step' Anti-Fatigue Interlocking Padded Flooring

If you spend long hours on hard concrete, wood or tile floors you know how tired your feet, legs and back are at the end of the day.

Those hard, non-forgiving surfaces force your skeletal structure--bones, joints and muscles--to absorb all the punishment of repetitive standing, stepping, moving and bending.

We placed these unique pads in our warehouse over the concrete floor in areas where we stand for long periods--like the area where we prepare customer orders for shipment. WHAT a difference!

We've noticed a substantial increase in the amount of time we're able to stand on concrete without feeling like we just ran 10 miles.

Tabbed edges fit together firmly and stay together even with the twisting movement of foot traffic.

They've been extremely durable and resistant to cuts and tears when heavy metal objects were dropped on them.

Great for garage, workshop, laundry, play room, workout room.

Super-easy to clean: just pick up and shake or hose off with water; can be glued for permanent installation.

One set includes four 2-foot square, 3/8"-thick pads to cover 16 square feet in square, lengthwise or any way you need to fit your area.

Norsk-Stor, Raised Coin Garage Flooring, 6 Pack - Dove Gray

Raised Coin flooring tiles provide a matte finish and traditional design and good anti-slip qualities.

Tiles are flexible while providing outstanding anti-fatigue and durability attributes.

Can be used in basements, garages, commercial, retail and many other applications.

The patented mushroom tooth allows flooring tiles to combine with the three other Norsk-Stor tile designs to create a tile flooring system as unique as you are.

Comes with the patent pending Air-Dry technology to help prevent damage to your subfloors by allowing moisture to drain and air to move underneath the tiles.

Resistant to most stains and chemicals commonally found in garage environments.

Can be cleaned and maintained using common household solvents and detergents to handle spills and stains.

18.3" x 18.3" x .25" Covers 13.95 Square Feet.

Also available in:

BLT Roll-Out Garage Flooring -- 7.5'x17' -- Brick Red

The Standard Grade garage floor mat handles all of your day-to-day needs for protecting and covering a floor in a garage.

This garage floor covering is great for families, people who use their garage as a workroom and anyone who spends a lot of time in their garage.

You will quickly find standard ribbed garage floor covering mats to be excellent for applications that require channeling of liquids and/or control of loose debris, dust, nuts 'n' bolts, or other small objects.

Other colors at no additional charge.

Forest Green

Midnight Black

Racing Blue


BLT Roll-Out Garage Flooring --7.5'x20' -- Sandstone

Great for day-to-day use to protect your garage floors from wear and stains.

Great for family garages and to keep workroom garages neat and tidy.

Channels liquid and debris out of the garage.

Slate Grey

Norsk-Stor, Raised Diamond Garage Flooring, 6 Pack - Black

The Raised Diamond tile design is unique and attractive.

Visual attraction is improved using a process that illuminates a metallic look, which allows easy maintenance and cleanup, tremendous flexibility and durability.

This process also provides anti-fatigue and anti-slip components unique to NORSK-Stor garage floor tile products.

Raised Diamond flooring tiles can be used in almost any setting not just garages.

With mushroom tooth locking system design you can combine Raised Diamond floor tiles with all four Norsk-Stor tile designs for whatever your flooring system needs are.

18.3" x 18.3" x .25" Covers 13.95 Square Feet.

Dove Gray
Metallic Graphite
Metallic Pewter

Norsk-Stor, Sport-Mat Garage Flooring, 6 Pack - Black

Sport Mat floor tiles are engineered with the rugged Rhino-tec surface which is perfect for any area where a tough versatile flooring system is necessary.

Sport Mat flooring tiles also provide superior durability and flexibility.

Sport Mat flooring tiles are designed for high use areas, which is why it features amazing anti-fatigue qualities.

These garage floor tiles come with Norsk-Stor's patented mushroom tooth design that improves the strength, performance and durability which is already found in each Norsk-Stor flooring tiles and providing easy installation.

You can mix Sport Mat floor tiles with other Norsk-Stor floor tiles to design the perfect flooring system for your needs.

Air-Dry technology helps keep subfloors dry by not keeping moisture beneath the tiles and providing a way for air to flow freely.

Air-dry technology is also important to help prevent mildew and mold away.

Can be cleaned with common detergents or solvents and are resistant to most chemicals and stains.

18.3" x 18.3" x .25" Covers 13.95 Square Feet.

Dove Gray

Norsk-Stor, Trim Kit Garage Flooring, 21.35 Linear Feet - Beige

Trim kits for Norsk-Stor Flooring.

14 ramp edges and 4 corners.

Covers 21.35 linear feet.

Dimensions: 18.3"x18.3"x25"

Dove Gray
Metallic Graphite

Norsk-Stor, Vented Garage Flooring, 6 Pack - Beige

Ventilated garage floor tiles provide a way for mud, snow, debris and other liquids to wash away through the tile rib openings.

Keep you comfortable while also being flexible and durable.

Can be used together with all other Norsk-Stor floor tiles to design the perfect flooring system for whatever your specific needs are.

This design helps preserve your subfloors by letting moisture drain and air to freely move underneath the tiles.

Resistant to most chemicals and stains and are easily cleaned and maintained with mild household solvents or cleaners.

18.3" x 18.3" x .25" Covers 13.95 Square Feet.

Dove Gray

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