sensitivity adjustment?

by Tony
(WestPalm , Florida)

My remotes only work if I hold them less than 2 feet from the main motor. My homelink and keyless pad on the garage door also won't work anymore. All have fresh batteries. Is there a way to adjust the sensitivity of the main unit to receive signals from the remotes?

Check that the antenna wire is hanging down from the motor assembly fully extended.

It could also be something on the control board.

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Aug 11, 2011
increased range
by: Donald

I don't know of any sensitivity adjustment. It sounds like an electronic circuit getting weak.

You could try using a wire nut to connect a single wire to the antenna and extend it toward your garage door and across the top above the door. Doorbell wire or something similarly thin would work.

It may be worth a try even though there is no guarantee it will work. Several have increased range in this way.

Aug 06, 2011
antenna wire
by: Anonymous

The antenna wire is hanging down if I hold the remotes within a foot from it they work. Is there an adjustment on the control board to adjust the sensitivity? Thanks.

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