Stanley Garage Door Openers

Stanley Garage Door Openers have not been manufactured since 1997. Stanley Garage Door Opener parts are scarce today. Many parts cannot be found.


Q: Where do I get parts, service, or warranty claim information for a Stanley® Garage Door or Garage Door Opener?

A: The Stanley Works does not make or sell garage doors or garage door openers and hasn’t since 1997. Since that time, the two companies that had the rights to use the Stanley name on these products have filed for bankruptcy protection.

Despite their use of the Stanley name, The Stanley Works did not manufacture or sell these products since that time, nor did The Stanley Works issue any warranties related to them. The Stanley Works does not have the ability to service complaints, requests, etc. related to these products.

Nonetheless, some consumers have reported success searching the internet for independent companies providing such services at a cost. The Stanley Works does not endorse this process or these companies."

*"Consumers who can confirm the following three conditions regarding their Garage Door or Garage Door Opener:

  1. the product was manufactured by The Stanley Works (prior to 1997)
  2. the product is covered by a warranty issued by The Stanley Works
  3. have a copy of their warranty and product documentation
should contact us through email."

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The Stanley Works has manufactured and marketed tools, hardware and specialty hardware products for home improvement, consumer, industrial and professional use for 163 years. Their brands include Stanley®, FatMax®, MaxGrip®, DynaGrip®, IntelliTools™, and PowerLock®.

Product line includes carpenter’s hand tools, electronic tools, masonry tools, residential entry door hardware, consumer residential hardware, consumer mechanics tools, pneumatic precision assembly tools and systems.

Parts and Manuals

Stanley Vemco, Quiet Glide, LightMaker, Home Innovative, Whistler, Popular Mechanics, and SecureCode were all manufactured by Stanley Works and parts are interchangeable. Replacement remote transmitters, receivers, keypads, some circuit boards and other parts are available at our store.

For Stanley gate opener and garage door opener parts and accessories go to Stanley Garage Door Opener Parts

Instructions, schematics, wiring diagrams, adjustments, and additional help with problems and repairs for stanley garage door opener can be found in the owner's manuals.

The following are manuals I have found on other websites. I do not guarantee their accuracy or continued availability.

Available manuals from Marwest Access Controls, Inc.: Chain, Screw and Cable (for Stanley garage door openers from 1982 to Current.) $7.50 each
Stanley 1050, 1094, 1082 coding instructions
Stanley Lightmaker & SecureCode Transmitters coding instructions

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The Stanley Garage Door Opener has not been manufactured since 1997. Parts can be difficult to find. You probably cannot find parts locally, but some are still available online.

Stanley Garage Door Opener Parts