Steel Building Garage Kits
Buying Tips

There are many different companies that offer steel building garage kits. Because of this, choosing the right one can be a little overwhelming. There are some things to help you decide which company is the right one for you.

First of all, before you start looking around for steel building garage kits, it is important that you contact your local zoning commission to find out what the building codes are for your area. Each state has their own zoning laws, and these may even vary from county to county.

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Make sure you write everything down, so when you contact these different companies, you know if they offer the right buildings that match the zoning laws for your area.

Because these codes change from state to state, there is no one size fits all building. You need to make sure that the company you choose incorporates all the applicable codes for your area into the total cost of the kit.

When it comes to buying steel building garage kits, planning is very important. You need to really sit down and think about the size of the garage you need, and take into consideration not only your current requirements, but you future plans as well. Even so, some manufactures offer steel garage kits that can be expanded on later, in case your storage needs grows past your size. It is important to ask if their kits can be added on later, instead of having to order an entirely new kit.

The next thing to consider is where you are going to put your steel building garage kits. You need to pick a location that is as flat as possible, with good drainage, and without a lot of trees and shrubs around. This way, later on, the roots won't push their way through the foundation and cause costly damage.

It is also important that you really sit down and decide exactly what you plan to use your steel building garage kit for. You should consider how many windows you need, what kind of lighting you require, as well as the size of the doors, and roof clearance.

If you are using your new garage kit for storing your RV for an example, know that many class A motor homes need a door and ceiling clearance of at least 13' 6". Older, smaller models may need a 12 foot clearance. It is a good idea to measure the RV from the roof top, including the air conditioner, to the ground.

You can pick from large garage doors that roll up, slide to one side and even open up. You also need to think about if these doors will do, or if you want an entry door that is people sized, so you don't have to completely open up the garage when you just want to go inside.

Steel building garage kits should also be fairly easy to build with instructions that are easy to understand. Whether you plan on doing the project with some friends and family, or actually hire a contractor to build it for you, these instructions should be easy to follow. When your new kit arrives, before you just start putting it together, you need to go through all the materials and components making sure everything is there.

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