Telectron Garage Door Remotes

While Telectron garage door remotes are no longer manufactured, you may still find them online in limited supply.

Started in 1974 in Abu Dhabi, just 3 years after the U.A.E. was formed, it began as a single man operation, the company has since grown to a mid-size organization.

Telectron Garage Door Remote

Theses transmitters should be mounted on your car's visor or anyplace NOT in the Sun. On-Dash mounting results in damage to the case, often making them inoperable. The plastic these are made from just won't stand up to the heat of direct Sunlight.

Operates with an Effective Range up to 100 feet Line of Sight.

Telectron Garage Door Openers

Telectron Radio Control Kit

R204D-T80GD Radio Control Kit, For commercial garage door openers, Includes Receiver and 2 Transmitters. 9-position dipswitch must be set to match both transmitter and receiver.

One receiver and two transmitters using 225 MHz frequency.

Garage Door Operator

This garage door operator system can be replaced by LiftMasters 365LM Universal Receiver and 372LM remote.

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