Wayne Dalton Garage Doors
Old-Fashioned Ideals Meet Innovation

Wayne Dalton Garage Doors is located in a part of Ohio called Amish Country. The values and the way of life in this area are quite different then the rest of the world. Life is slower and the work ethic is strong.

The values of the Amish have always played a large part in how Wayne Dalton operates. Do not let the old fashioned heritage fool you, though, this company is also on the forefront of innovation. Their products are a great mix of old fashion ideals and modern innovation.

Location is Everything

Mt. Hope is located in Holmes county in Ohio and this is where the headquarters is located. The company has always been located here and the present headquarters is located just across from the original location of the company. The Amish values of hard work, dedication to craft and practical values are very much a part of how they do business.

The company has a 900,000 square foot manufacturing facility located right along with the headquarters office. The office features 50,000 square feet of tinted glass and steel. The company actually won recognition for how well they incorporated their facilities into the natural landscape of Holmes county. So, they are not a corporate entity, but a part of the community which is important in this area.

The Foundation of Wayne-Dalton

Wayne Dalton Garage Doors was founded in 1954 and has always been known for innovative ideas. The company is a world leader in garage doors and garage door openers. The company maintains strong work ethics with a commitment to innovation and quality. The company has found a way to incorporate the ideas of hard work, dedication and innovation into each and every product they produce.

Product Features

Product features are something that make Wayne Dalton stand out from the competition. A leader in many of the features that make garage doors safer and easier to use, they are always on the move to find ways to make their garage doors better than the rest.

A significant safety feature is the tamper-resistant bottom bracket that reduces injury by preventing access to the door spring components. The bracket is held in place with a special tool that only a professional would have.

An industry first from Wayne Dalton Garage Doors is foam in place insulation doors. These doors provide energy efficiency and add to the overall strength of the door.

They also produce the Torque Master which helps prevent injuries by providing a shield for springs which are a common cause of injury. Other features from the company also provide for safety and make these doors a step above others on the market.

Wayne Dalton Garage Doors is simply different than most companies in the industry. This company has very strong ethics and it is a company built upon the idea of working hard to get what you want. The company puts their heart into every product and works hard to ensure that every product they produce is safe and exceeds customers expectations through the development of innovative ideas.

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