Wayne Dalton iDrive Remotes

by David H
(Goode, VA)

We just purchased a home that has 3 idrive garage door openers. The home was a foreclosure and all of the remotes are gone.

I would like to reset the outside access codes, is that possible? How can you help me?


Press and hold the learn button on the power head (motor asembly) for 30 seconds. That should erase all codes.

Now you have to program your new remotes. Press and release the learn button, then within 30 seconds or less, press and release the button that you want to program on your remote.

You can find new remotes online at Wayne Dalton iDrive Remotes

Any outdoor keypads also have to be reprogrammed. Instruction manuals can be found near the bottom of the page at http://www.garagedooropenerguide.com/installationmanuals.html

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