Wayne-Dalton idrive

The Wayne-Dalton idrive garage door opener is the most technologically advanced design in the industry. Wayne-Dalton makes two different models of idrive garage door opener. There is the idrive for Torsion Springs and the idrive for TorqueMasterᵀᴹ.

Mounting the opener on the wall above your door eliminates the belts, chains, screw drive and track that clutter your garage ceiling. This results in less noise and vibration transferred to nearby living areas.

The idrive for Torsion Springs

is designed for any sectional steel or wood garage door that uses traditional torsion springs. Traditional torsion springs can be identified by looking for exposed springs coiled around a steel bar.

These springs can be very dangerous to work with, and it is recommended only qualified professionals do installations and repairs to the torsion spring unit.

Idrive opener is self-contained in a sleek housing mounted directly to the wall to the spring shaft, above the door.

Integrated operating system does not exert a diving force on the door to close it. Instead it senses any unusual force as the door moves.

Eliminates noise and vibration. Soft start/soft stop control feature smoothly opens door as it starts, and gently lowers the door as it closes. Installs quick easy with simple tools.

Electronic monitoring system signals with a flashing light when there are malfunctions.

Gives user 10 seconds to exit garage safely before the door closes.

Programmable pet opening button opens door 6" to 30" to allow pets to easily move in and out.

Includes all wireless accessories - 5-function wall station,energy efficient security light, (2) 3-button remote control transmitters, infrared sensors, and a keyless entry pad.

The idrive for TorqueMaster™

is designed to work on Wayne-Dalton pinch-resistant steel doors that are equipped with the TorqueMaster™ counterbalance system. TorqueMaster™ is designed so the torsion spring is enclosed in a sealed tube, greatly increasing safety.

You cannot access the torsion spring until all spring tension has been released. This is an ideal unit for the Do-It-Yourself installer.


wireless 5 function wall station, (2) key chain visor remotes, wireless security light

infrared safety sensors & wireless keyless entry pad

No rails, belts, chains or safety sensors

Security arm locks closed door

Life of home warranty

"What should I do if my unit is not operational?"

"Unplug your unit. Check the outlet for power. Wait 15 seconds. Plug the unit in. It should beep twice. If it does not, please contact us at (888) 827-3667. If it does, please use the Troubleshooting Guide on this Web site to find the Fix for your Problem."
Source: Wayne-Dalton Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: I cannot find the troubleshooting guide on the Wayne-Dalton website. They have been making changes to the site recently, so that page may be back soon - or not - your guess is as good as mine.

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