Which Garage Door Opener Do You Need to Lift Your Door?

General Rule of Thumb for Residential Garage Doors:

  1. Single width door - 1/3 HP will do the job for all but the heaviest doors. For extra heavy doors use 1/2 HP.
  2. Two car garage door - 1/2 HP for most doors. Extra heavy doors such as carriage style doors use 3/4 HP.

Before Installing Your Garage Door Opener

Make sure your garage door is adjusted and balanced properly.

Your door should open easily. It should take only a little effort to open yours with 1 or 2 fingers. The door should move freely without binding in any way.

Open the door half way. Release the door. It should not move more than an inch or two.

If yours is hard to operate, or it tends to open or close the rest of the way when you release it, you should have a professional adjust or repair your door.

Smooth, Easy operation of your garage door will help your automatic electric garage door opener last a long time.

Chain drive, screw drive, belt drive, or wall mount?

The chain drive was the first design used by manufacturers. It is still reliable and durable. The chain drive is both the least expensive and the noisiest.

Screw drive operators have the fewest moving parts, so fewer items to wear out. Many screw drive units open and close the door at a slower rate.

But the Genie Excelerator and Overhead Door's Overdrive open the door at twice the normal speed. They close at the same sedate pace as most others.

Screw drive operators are a bit higher in price but quieter than the chain drive.

Belt drive, sometimes called a friction drive, uses a belt constructed similarly to a belted radial tire. The belt may have to be replaced once or twice during the life of your unit.

The belt drive is the quietest of those discussed so far and may be your best choice if you have a bedroom above the garage. The belt drive is more expensive than either the chain or screw drive.

Wall mount automatic garage door openers do not take up headroom at the ceiling. Since they mount to the wall there is no overhead rail. Your garage can accommodate a taller vehicle. These are the quietest and most expensive residential units.

Choose the Best Garage Door Opener for YOU!

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