Wood Garage Doors
What you Need to Know

Wood garage doors are maintenance intensive, but many people choose them because they have a distinct look about them. Wood has a traditional look that is unique. They do lack energy efficiency and can be costly, but for many people, there is just no better option than wood when it comes to getting the look that they want.

Common Options

The options are varied. The most common design is a tilt up style. They are lightweight and more economical than sectional doors, which are very heavy and require even more maintenance to prevent them from breaking or being damaged.

Soft woods are most often used. Woods like firs are more affordable. Many doors are also covered with a plywood to help make them more durable and to cut the cost. Solid doors are often made of cedar, redwood and other hard woods. These solid doors will be more expensive. They also will need more care to help prevent fading, cracking and warping.


Wood garage doors require a lot of maintenance. That is no secret. The reason for this is that wood, as a material, is just much less durable than other garage door material options. Wood can easily crack and warp. It can be infested with termites, which can simply eat it away. Also, wood does not stand up well to the elements unless it is well protected. This means they must be painted or sealed on a regular basis.

Another issue that they often carry a short warranty, which means damage is often your expense. They are not very energy efficient either, so if this is a concern then wood is not the best choice.


The biggest advantage is the look. Wood has a natural look that just works well with certain home designs. You have many different wood options, too. You can choose from deep colored woods to more natural and subtle woods.

It is also possible to have your doors customized since wood can easily be manipulated or it can be branded. Lastly, these doors are all unique. Since the wood is a natural product, you will never find two garage doors that are the same.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that they can last for years and years if you keep up the maintenance. You have to make sure they are sealed and that they are cared for on a regular basis in order to maintain them in good condition.

Wood garage doors may require a lot of work, but when you want something special and unique then wood is the way to go. You will get a look that is really special. You simply cannot get that from metal or other materials. Not everyone will find one that works for them, but many people wouldn't choose anything else because they simply love the appeal of a wood door.

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